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Spirit of Texas Ride

Spirit of Texas Ride

The Spirit of Texas Ride page, provides you with the official registration information, ride distances etc. and if you scroll down a bit, videos, interviews and ride reports for this event. If you don’t see a ride report and you participated in the event in the past, feel free to type something up and we’ll add it here!

the spirit of texas ride

Date: October 1, 2017

Event: Spirit of Texas Ride

Route Distances: 15, 35, 50 and 65 miles

About the Ride: 

Join us for a memorable 15, 35, 50 or 65 mile spin on some of the finest cycling roads anywhere. Based in scenic Wimberley, Texas, and just a short drive from Austin and San Antonio, this ride has earned a reputation for fun, outstanding scenery, excellent organization and friendly staff!

This event raises much-needed funds for the Wimberley High School band program, which has experienced crippling budget cuts at the State level. Your participation helps keep the music alive for the next generation.

If you cannot join us in the saddle for the ride, please consider a tax deductible contribution to the WHS Band Booster organization.

World Class Course

“World Class” – words not lightly chosen. It seems we are not alone in this opinion:

  • For years, Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG Austin Challenge used these very roads for its event.
  • Team Garmin-Sharp (a US professional cycling team which figures prominently each year in the European racing circuit, including the Tour de France) based its development team for 2012 and 2013 at the Williams Racing Academy in Wimberley, TX. See the following article:

Our priority is that YOU have a WONDERFUL CYCLING EXPERIENCE !! Consequently, the course has been carefully selected by a group of local cyclists for the beauty of the routes, the quality of the roads, and the minimal traffic.

The ride course is set in the heart of the exquisite Central Texas Hill Country so the routes are hilly in general – this ride’s predecessor ride was aptly named the “Wimberley Hillacious”! Please choose your distance accordingly. While the 15-mile route is plenty picturesque, the three longer routes “up the ante” in terms of rolling hills and offer spectacular vistas along with a couple of especially challenging climbs (one of which was “affectionately” referred to as “The Hill of Death” by a 2012 participant!).

We are honored to have the opportunity to present such an outstanding cycling event. We look forward to seeing YOU in the saddle for this year’s Spirit of Texas Ride!

And, on behalf the entire Wimberley High School Spirit of Texas Band organization, thanks for your support!!

Registration: Soon

Find more information about other rides on our mainpage

Lance makes it to the Tour de France podium!

Alberto, Andy and Armstrong!

Lance Armstrong made it to third place on the Tour de France podium by holding his own with Alberto Contador and Andy Schleck on the slopes of the vaunted Mt Ventoux and the next to the last stage of the 2009 Tour.  Today, Lance, barring the unforeseen, will stand on the podium with these two superb mountain climbers.  I was lucky enough to be able to cycle down to Mellow Johnny’s and watch the stage finish along side some of Lance’s most ardent supporters and Lance’s very own bike and coffee shop (Juan Pelota’s).  Here’s a very brief video of the crowd at Mellow Johnny’s applauding Lance as he crossed the finish line just behind Alberto and Andy.

Please favorite this link on youtube if you liked it!

Well, too bad we have to wait a whole year to see Lance battle it out with a new team vs. Alberto Contador and Andy Schleck.  But he’ll be racing soon enough in the Tour of Ireland and, hopefully, some day in the Tour of Texas (if we can make it happen) against Contador and the Schleck brothers.

Tour de France 2009 – Contador “show of force”?

We’re deep in to the Tour today.  I’m watching it at my new office on Lavaca on the U-verse TV Versus channel 1640 in high def (the first time the race has been broadcast in high definition).   I watch the Tour as much for the spectacular aerial views of the French countryside as much as to follow Austin homeboy Lance Armstrong.

Yesterday was the first big mountain stage and Lance worked hard as a team player all day to contain any breakaways and keep pace with the strong mountain riders.  Alberto Contador or “AC” as Lance refers to him in his million plus follower twitter feed, may have increased the animosity between him and the team and Lance by breaking away from the main pack at the very last stage of the race and this may not work to his advantage in the long run in the Tour.

Lance said all the politically correct things on his twitter feed and in his post race interview, but beneath the surface there may be tension building up between Contador and the rest of the team.

Being of Norwegian heritage, I’m always pulling for Thor Hushovd to win the green jersey and it’s good to see him in green now.

Lance stands third in the standings now, after AC’s breakaway, but he’s only 2 seconds behind Contador.  A nonserious threat, Rinaldo Nociente, is in the lead  earing the yellow jersey in the mountain stage today.  Paul Sherwin said “this is only the first battle of what is going to be a war in the mountains.”  Johan Bruyneel said he “addressed the issue (about Contador pulling the trigger) in the meeting this morning” so we’ll see.

And the race goes on, in high definition.  The real joy is in watching it minute by minute on the 52″ Sony high def screen, to the soothing, dulcet tones of the Versus cycling announcers Sherwin, Roll, Hummer and Liggett.  For me, this race really defines July in Austin.

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Is this the Flying Forehead’s Year?

I draw this quote from the Tour de France for the rest of us blog:

VINO IN THE CATBIRD SEAT. It seems to me that Alexandre Vinokourov . . . put himself in the catbird seat with his 7th-place finish today. The rest of the best will be chasing for more than a week just to try to make up the time gap he opened over them. It will be Vinokourov’s race to lose.

If this long-time lone ranger can discipline himself to work with his very talented Astana team, he should win the race. If he impulsively “goes off,” as he typically does, the podium in Paris is wide open.”

Affectionately nicknamed the “Flying Forehead” by Cycling Insight’s Bazzman and Hutch, this could be the Year of the Forehead.

Cancellara got jersey, now he wants his luggage

I have to admit I missed the tv coverage on Versus of today’s Tour. My day was dominated by the mega-gorific “Live Earth” concert which ran for nearly 24 hours. Cycling is certainly an earth saving activity, and the concert had quite a few short films which extolled the virtues of riding a bike. In the absence of a first hand second hand report which I would have had if I watched Versus or had the room on my dvr to record it, I give you this little quote from the CSC blog.
“Don’t criticize Fabian Cancellara if he looked a little scraggy on the winner’s podium. The Swiss rider would have liked to have shaven the past few days, but he’s still waiting for his luggage. “I would love to have a shave, but my razor is inside my baggage which has been lost for three days now. I haven’t had any of my belongings after the airline lost my luggage on my flight to London on Wednesday. It’s nice to have the yellow jersey, but I wouldn’t mind my baggage again. If someone finds it, please call me!”

from the CSC Blog

And here’s a great photo essay on Tour de France Day 1

Swiss cyclist takes Tour de France prologue

Cancellera, 26-year-old Swiss, will be the first to wear the yellow jersey after beating German Andreas Kloeden of the Astana team by 13 seconds. American George Hincapie of the Discovery Channel came home third.

Fabian Cancellara. Photo EFE

Fabian Cancellara. Photo EFE

Swiss Fabian Cancellara of the CSC team won the 7.9-km prologue of the Tour de France on the streets of London on Saturday.  (CSC stands for Computer Sciences Corporation, I go by their monumental building on Town Lake in Austin all the time, wondering what goes on in that mystery complex).

Cancellara, already a winner of the Tour’s opening time trial in 2004, coped perfectly with the flat course starting at Trafalgar Square and finishing in The Mall to set the best time of eight minutes 50 seconds, according to provisional results.

The 26-year-old Swiss will be the first to wear the yellow jersey after beating German Andreas Kloeden of the Astana team by 13 seconds. American George Hincapie of the Discovery Channel came home third.

So begins this year’s Tour, which will be broadcast on cable tv Versus (formerly OLN).  Today it was somewhat overshadowed, in at least in my world, by the Live Earth juggernaut.

Liggett on Landis

Liggett on Landis: “I believe he will win his appeal” | Voice Of The Tour De France Supports Floyd Landis

Appearing in Colorado, voice of the Tour (in English) Phil Liggett said Monday he thinks Floyd Landis will be cleared of the doping charges he faces.

Liggett said he had spoken with Landis during the Tour of California:

“I ran into Floyd and we had a very quiet one-on-one around the dinner table … He’s so angry. During the week he announced his defense policies. There have been mistakes made on the testing and I believe he will win his appeal.”

Liggett was appearing at an expansion of Wheat Ridge Cyclery, co-owned by former 7-11 pro rider Ron Kiefel.

Landis, of course, faces disciplinary hearings after a urine sample from last year’s Tour came back with an elevated epitestosterone-to-testosterone ratio. For mindboggling detail on what’s going on in the case, check in with Trust But Verify.

Lance Armstrong visits fans before final Tour de France

Video by Paul Walhus

 Lance does a question and answer session with Austin Texas fans before heading off to the final bike race of his career, a bid to win his 7th Tour de France in a row. The setting was Lance’s new health club.