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Swiss cyclist takes Tour de France prologue

Cancellera, 26-year-old Swiss, will be the first to wear the yellow jersey after beating German Andreas Kloeden of the Astana team by 13 seconds. American George Hincapie of the Discovery Channel came home third.

Fabian Cancellara. Photo EFE

Fabian Cancellara. Photo EFE

Swiss Fabian Cancellara of the CSC team won the 7.9-km prologue of the Tour de France on the streets of London on Saturday.  (CSC stands for Computer Sciences Corporation, I go by their monumental building on Town Lake in Austin all the time, wondering what goes on in that mystery complex).

Cancellara, already a winner of the Tour’s opening time trial in 2004, coped perfectly with the flat course starting at Trafalgar Square and finishing in The Mall to set the best time of eight minutes 50 seconds, according to provisional results.

The 26-year-old Swiss will be the first to wear the yellow jersey after beating German Andreas Kloeden of the Astana team by 13 seconds. American George Hincapie of the Discovery Channel came home third.

So begins this year’s Tour, which will be broadcast on cable tv Versus (formerly OLN).  Today it was somewhat overshadowed, in at least in my world, by the Live Earth juggernaut.

“most popular person on twitter” – Slate

Holy cow!  I just got this “direct [twitter] message”: jeffb @springnet: You get a shout-out in this Slate story:  Austin, TX

“According to tracking site Twitterholic, the top 10 twitterers have thousands of people following them—a literal cult of personality. Paul Terry Walhus, a gray-haired Austin coffee-shop blogger who has 8,789 friends and 1,722 followers, is currently the most popular person on the site. His latest tweet: “5:33 am cst L:78704 starting work week … full plate today … toast, mango yogurt and coffee w half and half.”

I’m floored!  Thanks for the shout out Slate!  What can I say?  I guess I’m going to have to dig deep and come up with some incredible blog entries now.


twitter twittering sxsw on techmeme

Pete Cashmore / Mashable!:

The Evolution of Blogging, Cat Version  —  So blogging has evolved once more, and the talk of the town – or at least the talk of Austin, Texas during the SXSW Conference – is Twitter, that increasingly popular text messaging/blogging service from the makers of Odeo.


Bren / Slacker Manager:

The Several Habits of Wildly Successful Twitter Users  —  Twitter is a deceptively simple utility.  That said, Twitter isn’t for everyone.  In fact it’s probably not even for half of everyone.  But for those that have the patience to find their personal sweet spot, Twitter can be quite good indeed.

Discussion: One By One Media and digg

Chris Brogan /

5 Ways to Use Twitter for Good  —  I’m a big fan of Twitter, and have been using it heavily since the outset.  For those of you not yet using it, Twitter is a communications gateway that asks the question: “What are you doing now?”  Users can answer and hear their friends’ answers via SMS, via IM, or on a webpage.

Ross Mayfield / Ross Mayfield’s Weblog:

Twitter Tips the Tuna  —  On Wednesday, Twitter tipped the tuna.  By that I mean it started peaking.  Adoption amongst the people I know seemed to double immediately, an apparent tipping point.  It hasn’t jumped the shark, and probably won’t until Steven Colbert covers this messaging of the mundane.

Acarvin / Andy Carvin’s Waste of Bandwidth:
Can Twitter Save Lives?

SXSW Baby!

Yahoo! BarTab: Monday, March 12, 6:30–9:30 pm at Light Bar. The big ‘hoo! and what seems like every little company they ever acquired are throwing a bash at the fresh newish club at Congress and Fourth, featuring an open bar, munchies and music by The Little Ones. “After we reach capacity,” they say, “admittance will be determined by Feats of Strength.” We’re pretty sure that’s the name of Andy Baio’s band. Why you’ll wanna go: Ask anyone who was at last year’s Yahoo! party that busted the seams of Iron Cactus. This’ll be the talk of Tuesday. Also, if you’ve written something that uses tags, you might leave with a check.

from SXSW Baby!.

SXSW day parties

Do you want the inside track on parties at SXSW.  “Corky” has the scoop in the following link followed by a brief blurb:

Corcoran in Austin 360

WED: Day | Night THU: Day | Night FRI: Day | Night SAT: Day | Night

It used to be the mantra of the first morning at South by Southwest: “Where are all the cool parties?” Everybody would hit town knowing of one or two soirees where the free booze flowed and the gratis chow was spread out on tables, but they’d have to ask around to get a more complete picture.

Nowadays, the party scene is revealed more than a month before the first Shiner Bock is cracked — and then overrated — by an out-of-towner. Internet sites such as, and collect party info and spread the news, giving readers weeks to get in good with the party hosts, to get that all-important invite.

Here are some of the things we’ve culled from those sites and Many are free and open to the public:

SXSW day parties.


Friday morning at Jo’s

It’s Friday morning at Jo’s and there are a couple of dozen folks enjoying the chill air.  Tom, with the green bandana, is sweeping up aound the place and extolling the virtues of the new espresso machine, the La Marzocco.  We’ll have the scoop on this in an upcoming blog episode.  It’s a nice view from the Jo’s front deck of Amy’s Ice Cream, Zen restaurant, and the Hotel San Jose.  Tom cranks up the ipod and the music resumes.

We found 63 photos on flickr matching the search phrase Jo’s Coffee.

Jo's Coffee

Jo’s has a MySpace page at and soon there will be a guide to MySpace on Jo’s blog.  What would you like to see on Jo’s blog, send us an article or post something in our comments. 


Jo’s South is XL cover story!

Jo's on South Congress

Austin American Statesman writer Shermakaye Bass has written up a “day in the life” of Jo’s South called:

People-watching on SoCo

“Shermakaye Bass scopes out the social landscape at Jo’s on South Congress for a glimpse of the famous and soon-to-be famous. MORE

Any given day is a funky parade at Jo’s Hot Coffee on South Congress Avenue. Its location at the foot of the “SoCo strip” and its layout — open shed seating, walkup-window, tables — make Jo’s perfect for marathon people watching.

It’s one of those places where, throughout the day, life’s rich pageant unfurls, jogging past in sweats, ambling up with dogs, strolling through with babies, buzzing by on scooters, dashing up and away in suits. Musicians and filmmakers chat with geeks and fashionistas; well-heeled tourists sidle up to local characters. Stars of the big and small screen (hello, “Friday Night Lights”) hang out — and sometimes try to hide — here.

  • Photos: Jo’s rich pageant

    Screenburn mixer at Jo’s Feb 22

    SXSW, Austin Community College (ACC), and the Digital Media Council present “Get into the Game”, an industry seminar and mixer on Thursday, February 22 from 7–9 pm at Jo’s Coffee, 242 West Second Street Austin, Texas.

    Mix it up with gaming industry mavens as they share their insights in to how to launch a gaming industry career.

    Rodney Gibbs, from Amaze Entertainment, will give a presentation along with other gaming industry wonks.

    And you can register to win a free 2007 sxsw interactive pass and attend this major blog/media fest in March.

    Downtown Jo’s has a state of the art video projector for events like these and encourages meetups and special interest groups to use their facility.


    Austin International Rescheduled

    Organizers and city officials to bring the cycling event to Austin in 2008

    (Lebanon, NJ) January 19, 2007 — g4 Productions, with the support of the city of Austin, has announced that the Austin International cycling event originally slated for this June will be rescheduled for June 2008.

    “We have formed some fantastic partnerships in the Austin community and we will continue to work closely with the city, the Austin Sports Commission, our media partners and the Austin cycling community to make the 2008 race one of the best one day races in America,” said Robin Morton, partner, g4 Productions.

    Official race website

    World Class Cycling event comes to Austin

    New pro race for Armstrong’s hometown of Austin

    By Tim Maloney, European Editor

    Big time professional cycling for both men and women is coming to Austin, Texas, the hometown of seven time Tour De France winner Lance Armstrong next June. The Austin International is a new race that has already earned a prestigious 1.1 UCI rating for its first edition. Executive Director of the Austin Sports Commission Matthew Payne declared “On behalf of the City of Austin, the Austin Sports Commission is very excited to welcome the Austin International in June 2007. It will be one of the first international sporting events ever hosted in Austin and will continue to distinguish our city as a true global destination. It will be a great new event for our corporate sponsors, the city of Austin and all of the avid cyclists that are proud to call Austin their home.”

    The 2007 Austin International, slated for June 17, 2007, will feature a pro men’s and women’s race and will be evaluated as a potential Women’s World Cup event for 2008.

    The Austin International is organized by g4 Productions, a highly experienced team of four women who were instrumental in the success of the USPRO Championships and Liberty Classic in Philadelphia, the inaugural edition of the Tour de Georgia among many other international cycling events in the USA.

    Moving on from their previous affiliation, the Austin International is the first major venture for g4 Productions. “We are very proud that the Austin International has received a 1.1 from the UCI. It is rare for a first year event to receive such a high ranking but we have put a lot of effort into the organization and planning of this race,” said Robin Morton, President of g4 Productions. “The course for the Austin International is very challenging and technical and should be very popular with the teams. Additionally, we are also very pleased that our race will be included in the new USA Cycling Professional Tour, immediately recognizing the Austin International as one of the premier cycling races in America.”

    USA Cycling welcomed g4’s Austin International to the growing list of world class American races that will make up their ambitious new USA Cycling Professional Tour in 2007. Steve Johnson, chief executive officer of USA Cycling stated that “USA Cycling is very excited about the commitment that Austin has made to support and showcase professional men’s and women’s racing. Austin has a great history of supporting world class bike racing and we are elated to see Austin back on the calendar. We trust and hope the Austin International will become a mainstay on the USA Cycling Professional Tour attracting some of the top teams and riders in the world. We are very hopeful that the women’s race will become one of the prestigious World Cup races in the very near future.”

    Local Austin International supporter Hill Able, owner of Austin’s Bicycle Sport Shop and President of mountain bike advocacy group International Mountain Bike Association stated that “Austin, Texas is a world class cycling city and the announcement of the Austin International race coming to town is solid confirmation of that fact. Austinites are some of the healthiest, most active people in the world and riding bicycles is a core part of their lifestyles. The race is sure to be a huge success and we look forward to hosting some of the best cyclists in the world next June.”

    from Cycling News article