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Al Gore keeping options open

Al Gore Vice President 2000 Election Tipper Gore

This weeks Time Magazine, which I just fetched out of the mailbox, has a great in depth article about Al Gore. Gore is seen in the picture above with an impressive array of 3 30” Apple Cinema displays and a cluttered, overloaded desk. Can’t you just see this whole setup in the Oval Office at Pennsylvania Avenue?

I hope Gore runs. He’s been light years ahead of the times in terms of techno saaviness and the environment. October to be a great time to throw his hat in the ring if he wins the Nobel Peace Prize to go along with his Oscar.

Gore, at least for now, isn’t building his own organization. Time: “There’s only a vigorous draft-Gore movement that he has nothing to do with (two independent websites— and—have gathered almost 150,000 signatures so far) and, from time to time, social events at which old Gore hands get together and play a few friendly rounds of what-if.”

And the article goes on to say “Some people who know Gore assume he’s biding his time, waiting to pounce; since he’s at 12% in the polls—tied with John Edwards, without even being in the race—he would easily get on the primary ballots if he declared before the deadlines. He may not be rich enough to self-finance, but with his Apple and Google stock, Web following and Silicon Valley connections, money wouldn’t be a huge problem either.”

And there’s this tweet from :

Fascinating piece in Time on the movement to draft Gore. Steve Jobs is leading it and is quoted.