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December, 2006:

Team Hotel San Jose’s Chris Brewer video podcast

Watch the video podcast at Chris Brewer, Discovery Channel “primary journalist”, does a video podcast on the outlook for this year’s Tour de France, the Discovery team with Ivan Basso, the Flying Forehead, and his Team Hotel San Jose. Barry Lee and Todd Reid head up Team San Jose. Today is Barry’s 42nd birthday and the team is showning pedaling off to South Austin for a 3 hour ride. “The Discovery team is looking great with Ivan Basso, says Chris. Lance is riding with the team and grooming Basso as his successor. We takea look at the Madone 5.9 SL with the Powercontrol V with “more information than a man needs to know”. We also talk with several other Team San Jose members, which numbers over 300 members. The interview takes place in front of Downtown Jo’s, which is the site of tonight’s event and showing of “An Inconvenient Truth”. from

Team Hotel San Jose is a new kind of racing team and sports club, led by athletes who are dedicated to serving the community by working with disadvantaged and at-risk youth, developing the skills of beginning and intermediate cyclists, and cultivating the most incredible regional racing team you’ve ever seen. The core team members are a motivated group of professional and ex-professional cyclists, cycling enthusiasts, and triathletes, who ride with respect for all, regardless of experience. We welcome road cyclists and mountain bikers, runners and multi-sport athletes, men and women, and girls and boys.


Jan and Neil Cronk put on a birthday party for about half a dozen folks, me included, at their home in North Austin. Neil is a talented painter whose work appears at many restaurants and galleries around town. Here’s today’s video podcast of that event.  Shown below is the paiting of Neil’s that hangs in our living room in Cedar Creek.

the rise of “net nightclubs”

Net Coffeeshops & Net nightclub entrepreneurs 

The Alamo Draft House is a movie theater that has food. I recenlty posted on Mark Cuban’s blog about how they “get it.”  Read what “clever monkey” says about how the Alamo “gets it”.  because he says it better than I did on my Cuban post.  By the way, I didn’t win his suggestion contest and how he could attract more customers to his digital movie chain.  

Perhaps some of the coffee houses around town will start showing movies, documentaries and net flicks (youtube?) and turn in to mini Alamos?   That would be fair play, for the foodies to start attracting some of the movie crowd and filling up their slow times with more customers. The first coffee house in town to start showing videos, movies, docs, etc. will attract a whole new following.

And there’s more to what the Alamo does, quoting from clever monkey: “The venue often offers more than just a movie for your admission price; when we went to see The Hustler the evening’s program included a 20-minute book reading from a local author who’d written a book on pool halls and 1960’s bachelor culture. We hadn’t really been expecting this facet to the event, but there were other patrons who’d clearly known that this was part of the whole deal and had bought a signed copy of the book before being seated.”

Where will the first “net nightclub” appear in Austin.  It’s happening in the Bay area.  So we’re on “net nightclub watch” to see where it will pop up first.   The following is excerpted from the ValleyWag blog. and it’s about how the dot com bazillionaires are pumping up the “net nightclub” scene. 

Doug Dalton-1171423161 B4A024Cee6 M-1Thiel Peter-1Trevor Traina-1Jamie Zawinski-1Jonathan Abrams, founder of Slide, is far from the only web entrepreneur to dabble in nightlife. One cynical take: They’re just trying to buy glamourous lives; too bad their clubs are in the SF area. But we’re inclined to be more generous. As sidelines go, a nightclub investment is at least less pretentious than developing a taste for fine wine. The roster of Silicon Valley nightlife investors, with the customer ratings for their venues, after the jump.

Jamie ZawinskiStars 3 HalfJamie Zawinski, a programmer who worked on early versions of Netscape’s Navigator browser, owns DNA Lounge.  The DNA Lounge webcasts shows and events live from their venue in San Francisco, CA.  They webcast everything: you can listen to the last two weeks of their shows in their webcast archive. 

Jonathan AbramsStars 3-1Jonathan Abrams, as one was reminded in his recent television appearance, is behind Slide Lounge, the downtown club, about as fabulous a venue as San Francisco is capable of supporting. Friendster founder Abrams, who famously turned down an offer from Google, is also an investor in Mamacita. is their site (Flash alert); see if you can get past their splash screen (I couldn’t)

Trevor TrainaStars 2 HalfTrevor Traina, socialite son of the Napa winery owner, co-founded, an early comparison shopping site. He’s now more often in the society than the business pages. With Gavin Newsom, he’s an investor in Matrix. In the nightlife business, he’s overshadowed by his brother, Todd, who is a partner of Ashton Kutcher and Wilmer Valderrama in various L.A. restaurants.

Peter ThielStars 3Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, the online payment service, and an investor in other ventures such as Facebook, is one of the backers of Frisson — an upscale restaurant-bar with a co-ed bathroom.

Luke NosekKen Howery and Luke Nosek, two partners of Thiel in the former PayPal founder’s venture capital fund, are said to be investing in a Manhattan nightclub.

Doug DaltonStars 4Doug Dalton, one of the founders of BranchIt Corporation, is behind Anu and Swig.