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July, 2007:

Gore’s Holographic Opening of Live Earth 7/7/7

A holographic Al Gore appears on stage in Tokyo at the opening of Live Earth 7/7/7.

Is this the Flying Forehead’s Year?

I draw this quote from the Tour de France for the rest of us blog:

VINO IN THE CATBIRD SEAT. It seems to me that Alexandre Vinokourov . . . put himself in the catbird seat with his 7th-place finish today. The rest of the best will be chasing for more than a week just to try to make up the time gap he opened over them. It will be Vinokourov’s race to lose.

If this long-time lone ranger can discipline himself to work with his very talented Astana team, he should win the race. If he impulsively “goes off,” as he typically does, the podium in Paris is wide open.”

Affectionately nicknamed the “Flying Forehead” by Cycling Insight’s Bazzman and Hutch, this could be the Year of the Forehead.

Cancellara got jersey, now he wants his luggage

I have to admit I missed the tv coverage on Versus of today’s Tour. My day was dominated by the mega-gorific “Live Earth” concert which ran for nearly 24 hours. Cycling is certainly an earth saving activity, and the concert had quite a few short films which extolled the virtues of riding a bike. In the absence of a first hand second hand report which I would have had if I watched Versus or had the room on my dvr to record it, I give you this little quote from the CSC blog.
“Don’t criticize Fabian Cancellara if he looked a little scraggy on the winner’s podium. The Swiss rider would have liked to have shaven the past few days, but he’s still waiting for his luggage. “I would love to have a shave, but my razor is inside my baggage which has been lost for three days now. I haven’t had any of my belongings after the airline lost my luggage on my flight to London on Wednesday. It’s nice to have the yellow jersey, but I wouldn’t mind my baggage again. If someone finds it, please call me!”

from the CSC Blog

And here’s a great photo essay on Tour de France Day 1

Swiss cyclist takes Tour de France prologue

Cancellera, 26-year-old Swiss, will be the first to wear the yellow jersey after beating German Andreas Kloeden of the Astana team by 13 seconds. American George Hincapie of the Discovery Channel came home third.

Fabian Cancellara. Photo EFE

Fabian Cancellara. Photo EFE

Swiss Fabian Cancellara of the CSC team won the 7.9-km prologue of the Tour de France on the streets of London on Saturday.  (CSC stands for Computer Sciences Corporation, I go by their monumental building on Town Lake in Austin all the time, wondering what goes on in that mystery complex).

Cancellara, already a winner of the Tour’s opening time trial in 2004, coped perfectly with the flat course starting at Trafalgar Square and finishing in The Mall to set the best time of eight minutes 50 seconds, according to provisional results.

The 26-year-old Swiss will be the first to wear the yellow jersey after beating German Andreas Kloeden of the Astana team by 13 seconds. American George Hincapie of the Discovery Channel came home third.

So begins this year’s Tour, which will be broadcast on cable tv Versus (formerly OLN).  Today it was somewhat overshadowed, in at least in my world, by the Live Earth juggernaut.

Live Earth rocks world on 7/7/7

Live Earth started in Asia with an ancient Aboriginal instrument. Then a holographic image of Al Gore appeared on stage. Then it moved on to London and Madonna. Concerts in Sydney, Tokyo and Shanghai kicked off 22 hours of music by more than 150 artists in a round-the-globe series of shows designed to raise awareness of climate change.

Metallica, the Police and Kanye West were among the top-billed acts listed for the biggest concerts, in London and New Jersey. re’s campaign to force global warming onto the international political stage inspired the event.

Appearing on the Tokyo stage as a hologram, the former vice president called global warming the greatest challenge facing our planet but told concert goers they could solve it by acting together.

There’s a lot of discussion on and other social discussion sites. is the Live Earth Blog.  And you can watch the concert on the Internet (caveat: you must have Internet Explorer to see) at

From the official site:

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore joined Live Earthers in London and Hamburg live via satellite from a special event on the capitol lawn in Washington D.C., where he asked his globe-spanning audience to join him in signing the Live Earth 7-Point Pledge.

Al Gore quoted an old African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together…Well, we need to go far, quickly.”

Gore was framed by a view of the Capitol building at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian and stood before an at-capacity, overflowing crowd who turned out to see Gore despite stifling heat and a last-minute announcement.

Following his remarks, Gore introduced one of America’s favorite country pairs, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, who performed the duet “We Shall be Free.”

Mr. Gore will immediately depart D.C. to catch a train for the next installment in our series, “Mr. Gore Goes to New York”.

Duran Duran Live Earth Wembley Stadium 7 July 2007 Pic Guy Eppel

 Taking the stage at Wembley Stadium Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon made a joke about some of the acts who had to travel using their own planes to the show.

“Before we start everyone who did not arrive in a private jet put your hands in the air,” asked the singer, raising his own along with the crowds’.