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February, 2009:

Texas Social Media Awards top 25 – I made the cut!

How in the world did I get on the same list as Cali Lewis? I don’t know but it’s amazing to be on a list of the “top 25 Texas Social Networkers” with her and 23 other amazing people. To whoever nominated me, thank you! It’s an honor to be on the same list as all these incredible social networkers.

The list was pared down from 125 nominees. The actual awards show where all the award winners will get *trophies* is on March 15 from 6 to 9 pm at Ballet Austin, 501 W 3rd St, with tickets going for $15.00.

These are the Texas Social Media Award Winners.

They winners are:


























It’s a great list and I’m honored to be listed on it.  Michelle Greer has been really helpful to me and I hope I’ve been helpful to her.  She recently had the major role in pulling off the “Twestival” that raised 10 grand for world water causes.    I had the privilege of interviewing Cali Lewis as she breezed in and out of last year’s SXSW.  Below is that interview with Cali.

Michael Cote made the list, he really was the person that got me going on twitter and his “DrunkandRetired” podcast rocks, it’s the best podcast coming out of Austin, Texas.  Erica O’Grady is super, she really did an awesome job at the recent Mashable event in Austin and the Camp connected with it.  Last summer I got to co-moderate a session with Connie Reece at the SEMforSMB conference and did an hour long video with her on Youtube and all over with her on social networking.   Lani Rosales has given me a lot of great advice and she’s a riot.  I hope to get to know all the other award winners better, they’re an awesome group of people.


OrgSync social media campaign works!

AUSTIN, Texas (Feb 11, 2009) — OrgSync, Inc ( is excited to announce its successful campaign to raise $1500 for Charity: Water using social media. On Tuesday, February 3, 2009, OrgSync’s team launched a social media campaign to raise awareness for the importance of clean, safe drinking water around the world. The team of 25 employees used Twitter, Facebook Newsfeeds and their company blog to rally the public behind the cause. OrgSync’s goal was to raise $1500 to donate to Charity: Water during the Austin Twestival event on February 12. Michelle Greer, well known Austin media figure and coordinator for Austin Twestival, says “Big problems like the lack of clean drinking water won’t get solved over night by the few. They will get solved by the many donating in bits and pieces towards a common goal. OrgSync pooled their resources and ended up being one of our top sponsors and I hope more companies follow this approach towards charitable giving.”

Over 175 cities around the world will be uniting on Thursday, February 12, 2009 to increase awareness and raise money for those in need of clean, safe drinking water. “This is a great cause and an opportunity to unite our Austin community with cities across the world to create social good. As a leader I am passionate about leveraging my understanding of social media to help create awareness and provide people the opportunity to give back,” said Fortenberry.

The OrgSync team was successful at meeting its goal of raising $1566 in 24 hours and is excited to contribute 100% of it to Charity: Water. Andrew Katz, Director of Community Relations feels, “It’s very important for our team to give back and get involved in the Austin Community. We feel that by being visibly active in the community, we can be positive role models for our students and clients to do the same!” OrgSync’s successful campaign proves how important online communication and networking is for increasing awareness and uniting individuals for a greater good.

About OrgSync
OrgSync is a co-curricular management tool that helps colleges and universities communicate more effectively across their entire campus. OrgSync offers a hosted service that provides the tools needed by campuses to easily organize, assess, track, and manage students and student organizations. OrgSync is currently helping over 100 campuses manage their student co-curricular management, leadership development and communication needs. OrgSync is headquartered in Austin, TX with satellite offices in Dallas, TX, Miami, FL, and Tucson, AZ. For more information about OrgSync, visit To schedule an interview with CEO Eric Fortenberry, contact Nicole Andreas at (512) 238-8534 or

OrgSync, Inc
Charity: Water
Austin Twestival
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Tour of Texas supports twestival

More discussion with Dr DD Faye about the on Feb 12 in Austin and around the world. One in six people worldwide lack adequate drinking water – 1.1 billion people – and and Dr Faye are both part of the solution to providing clean drinking water to the world’s population.

Water Shortage Worldwide – and Dr Faye from Paul Walhus on Vimeo.

twestival and Dr Faye – water for the world

twestival – helping 1.1 million people without good water from Paul Walhus on Vimeo. Twestival Feb 12 see – above video interview with Dr Faye talking about world water solutions at the village level.

twestival – helping build wells (Austin Feb 12 and everywhere)

Live Drill From Ethiopia – September Campaign from charity: water on Vimeo.

Come to the twestival in Austin and all over the world on Feb 12.

The big @twestival retweet

  1. Incredible! Canadian music legend @DavidUsher donated the song ‘And So We Run’ to Please donate and download.

  2. We want you to be the judge of the pre roll competition. Tweet your favourite clip to @peterlamotte. Ends in 24hrs

  3. @TwestivalSEA Nice work on the video!

  4. Twitter Groups adding pages for all Twestival cities! Plz tell @1datarecovery what #tag u r using in addition to #twestival

  5. RT @jangles: FIR 420 published. This episode includes a great interview with @amanda about @twestival. [12:00]

  6. You *must* watch this. It is beyond awesome. Great work team @amstwestival

  7. In exactly one week from this moment, the doors of the London Twestival will open. Happy to be announcing a second venue tomorrow.

  8. Cities… do you have a tweet that shows when you first decided to organise a Twestival? We want to include for Live Earth. Thanks!

  9. Amazing presentation put together to explain Twestival : Nice work @sandeepvizedu

  10. Tokyo has one of the largest Twitter communities in the world! Now they have a Twestival. Spread the word :

  11. is on [thanks @DavidMoynihan!] Accepting tracks by artists now.

  12. Twestival tickets now available for Vienna, Reading, Amsterdam, Birmingham, Barcelona, Copenhagen and more…

  13. Very cool @PKGulati is donating $1 for every new Twitter follower he gets over the next week (up to 300) to charity: water.

  14. Dear Twestival organizers, you are amazing. Thinking of starting a Craigslist or something so you can post what you still need contributed.

  15. RT @kanter: Case Foundation blog writes about Twestival

  16. RT: @WarrenAndrew will donate .25¢ for every NEW follower I get on twitter till the end of February to

  17. RT @Pistachio: To the MANY kind souls offering donated items for Twestival. Contact your nearest city organizer

  18. RT @davemorin Bill Gates: “If we improve health, peak population growth will stabilize 1 billion people below current projections.” #TED

  19. @billlublin if you are looking to sponsor, you should get in touch with @melitami who would love to hear from you – thanks!

  20. Whoa, global ticket sales are going nuts right now. Organizers, if you don’t have your Amiando account set up – please email @amanda asap.

Live Earth and Twestival

By rallying together globally, under short timescales, for a single aim on the same day, the Twestival hopes to bring awareness to the global water crisis. Live Earth is the global video partner for Twestival events occuring next Thursday, February 12 in more than 185 cities worldwide to benefit charity: water. Scott Harrison of charity: water discusses Twestival below:

Click here for more on charity: water. For an entertaining, in-depth explanation of Twestival, watch the slideshow below:

View Twestival videos and submit your own at Find a Twestival near you at Follow Live Earth on Twitter.

River of Austin pictures

My cool app for today has to be “flickriver”; it’s well named as it delivers a river of pictures that just keep on going from flickr. I used their embed badge to create a river of Austin images.  It’s fairly awesome. View most interesting 'Austin' photos on Flickriver

Silona Bonewald interview at GeekAustin party

Paul Terry Walhus and Kimberlie Dykeman interview folks at the Lynn Bender GeekAustin party on Sept 30, 2008 at the Union Park bar and restaurant on West 6th Street in Austin, Texas. Julie Gomoll of LaunchPad, Silona of the Transparent Federal Budget and Austin Aaron are a few of the people interviewed.  Stay tuned for the entire series of interviews and some commentary on this night and on Lynn Bender’s terrific idea to start a “BarCollege”.  Yes, you heard it right, BarCollege.  It’s an awesome hyper extension of the BarCamp concept that Lynn hopes people will steal.  They should.  It’s an idea whose time has come and one that should spread like the co-working movement.