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Scoble: Apple + Google + Cingular = iReader

March 31st, 2007 · No Comments

Today Scoble’s in Half Moon Bay at Sam’s Chowder House when he spots a geek on the beach with a device he doesn’t recognize.  Being the ubergeek he is, he ran down the beach and finds an Apple exec trying to hide the device.

Turns out it’s an iPhone on steroids that Apple plans to release a couple of months after the iPhone.  Turns out it’s a book reader and an Google rss feed reader / browser all rolled in to one.

Because of some new screen technology, it’s readable in *direct sunlight* – which I can’t do very well on my Sprint phone. It never needs to be turned off.

The Apple exec grabbed it back from Scoble when he stumbled across “Steve Jobs blog”.

Anyway the Scoble blog entry is here.  Leave it to Scoble to stumble on to the summer’s biggest scoop while hanging out at a shoreline seafood restaurant.

On Monday, Scoble will be on CNN with Kathy Sierra and Chris Locke talking about the week’s dismal events in the threats to bloggers.

Introducing iPhone

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