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Amber and Leo on Twitter and Jaiku

April 13th, 2007 · No Comments

What is the price of presence?  Well you can have it simple and have twitter.  It’s a no brainer to get up and running.  You can tweet away instantly and give everyone of your followers updates.  And you can follow your friends.

With Jaiku you get bells and whistles.  You can create your own little mashup by adding your twitter feed (yea, you can have your cake and eat it too), your feed, your blog feed and any other rss feed that suits your fancy.

This was the gist of the net@nite podcast with Amber Macarthur and Leo Laporte.  Leo had to leave twitter because his lawyers told me he had to because his “twit” (This Week in Tech) podcast is too close to “twitter”.  But he made it clear he isn’t going to pursue any action against twitter, in fact he’s going to try and work out a mutual exclusivity agreement.

Twitter won’t podcast.  And Twit won’t twitter.  I guess that’s fair.

Here’s your link to the Amber and Leo net@nite podcast:

  • Leo has left Twitter in exchange for Jaiku. It is more a web “presence” system rather than little updates.
  • Leo Laporte

    Sez Leo:

    The problem is the name. I wish to heck he’d named it Tweeter, or Tooter, or anything but Twitter. Twitter is so close to TWiT that I’m afraid it’s really confusing. And it hasn’t helped the confusion that I’ve been such a fan of Twitter. I’m sure half the people there think we have some sort of relationship. But we don’t. And the proliferation of programs like Twitbox and sites like Twit This are not helping things much. So let me repeat…

    Twitter has nothing to do with TWiT.

    And, I’m afraid, I can’t have anything to do with Twitter, either. It’s just fueling the confusion. Fortunately, there are several similar services including Groovr, Dodgeball, and Jaiku. After a cursory glance at all three Jaiku seems to have the best mix of features for me (I’m too old to be groovy, or hooking up) so I’m moving to Jaiku. (In truth, it offers a much richer set of features than Twitter.) My handle is ChiefTWiT. Hope to see some of you there.

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