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Cancellara got jersey, now he wants his luggage

July 7th, 2007 · No Comments

I have to admit I missed the tv coverage on Versus of today’s Tour. My day was dominated by the mega-gorific “Live Earth” concert which ran for nearly 24 hours. Cycling is certainly an earth saving activity, and the concert had quite a few short films which extolled the virtues of riding a bike. In the absence of a first hand second hand report which I would have had if I watched Versus or had the room on my dvr to record it, I give you this little quote from the CSC blog.
“Don’t criticize Fabian Cancellara if he looked a little scraggy on the winner’s podium. The Swiss rider would have liked to have shaven the past few days, but he’s still waiting for his luggage. “I would love to have a shave, but my razor is inside my baggage which has been lost for three days now. I haven’t had any of my belongings after the airline lost my luggage on my flight to London on Wednesday. It’s nice to have the yellow jersey, but I wouldn’t mind my baggage again. If someone finds it, please call me!”

from the CSC Blog

And here’s a great photo essay on Tour de France Day 1

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