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post twitter, jaiku, tumblr, pownce at the same time

August 12th, 2007 · No Comments

Are you overwhelmed with your miniblogs, presence sites, and social networking sites.  Here’s how to just make one entry and post it to all them.   Thanks to frantic industries for providing 90% of the following instructions and the graphics.

You only have to post to Pownce. If you need a Pownce invite I have a few left. To find your Pownce RSS feed go to the following URL:  

Of course you won’t be springnet but someone else.

Next, register with Twitterfeed. If you don’t have an OpenID you can get one over at MyOpenID – you’re going to need it sooner or later anyway. Create a new feed in Twitterfeed and add the Pownce feed to it; make sure to uncheck the “Include description” checkbox, and set the update interval to 30 minutes.


However, Pownce and Twitter aren’t enough for me; I want to add Tumblr and Jaiku into the mix. The problem with Tumblr is that it won’t recognize the Pownce feed. No worries, though, go to the Twitter feed you’ve forwarded your Pownce feed to, click the RSS icon and add that feed to Tumblr (as text).


Finally, open up your Jaiku profile, click on Feeds (Edit) and add an RSS feed. You can use the Pownce feed or the Twitter feed – they both work pretty much the same.


That’s it – by posting on Pownce you now automatically update all four services at the same time. Now, if only someone would create a Miranda Pownce plugin…

Btw, my Pownce/Twitter/Jaiku/Tumblr stream is a lightweight combination of some posts from springnet and some of my personal thoughts. If you’d like to follow any of them, here are the links: Pownce, Twitter, Jaiku and Tumblr.

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