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Governor Lance?

Outside magazine last month asked what Lance Armstrong planned to do after retiring from professional cycling, laid-back Lance responded that he was going to stay active with his cycling team and its sponsors and relax.

“There’s obviously a whole bunch of stuff I want to do,” he explained. “I want to ride my motorcycle on my ranch. I want to go kayak the Pedernales down to friggin’ Lake Travis and call somebody and say ‘Uh, can you come pick me up?’ I want to build a rock wall out here. Just weird things.” Then he added the kicker, `”Maybe I’ll run for governor.”

Asked if he was serious about running in next year’s Texas governor’s race, Mr. Armstrong aw-shucked, but then responded in surprising detail, “There’s no follow up. I’ll leave it at that. Not in ’06, though. I drove Sheryl (Crow, his singer-girlfriend) by the governor’s mansion on the way home from dinner. It’s a nice mansion. Nice place, nice house. I hate the word mansion, but it’s a nice house.”

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