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Tour de France 2009 – Contador “show of force”?

We’re deep in to the Tour today.  I’m watching it at my new office on Lavaca on the U-verse TV Versus channel 1640 in high def (the first time the race has been broadcast in high definition).   I watch the Tour as much for the spectacular aerial views of the French countryside as much as to follow Austin homeboy Lance Armstrong.

Yesterday was the first big mountain stage and Lance worked hard as a team player all day to contain any breakaways and keep pace with the strong mountain riders.  Alberto Contador or “AC” as Lance refers to him in his million plus follower twitter feed, may have increased the animosity between him and the team and Lance by breaking away from the main pack at the very last stage of the race and this may not work to his advantage in the long run in the Tour.

Lance said all the politically correct things on his twitter feed and in his post race interview, but beneath the surface there may be tension building up between Contador and the rest of the team.

Being of Norwegian heritage, I’m always pulling for Thor Hushovd to win the green jersey and it’s good to see him in green now.

Lance stands third in the standings now, after AC’s breakaway, but he’s only 2 seconds behind Contador.  A nonserious threat, Rinaldo Nociente, is in the lead  earing the yellow jersey in the mountain stage today.  Paul Sherwin said “this is only the first battle of what is going to be a war in the mountains.”  Johan Bruyneel said he “addressed the issue (about Contador pulling the trigger) in the meeting this morning” so we’ll see.

And the race goes on, in high definition.  The real joy is in watching it minute by minute on the 52″ Sony high def screen, to the soothing, dulcet tones of the Versus cycling announcers Sherwin, Roll, Hummer and Liggett.  For me, this race really defines July in Austin.

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