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Austin Social Media breakfast Aug 25

Social Media Breakfast Aug 25

The nth Social Media Breakfast (insert the correct number) was my first, and was held at the Statesman Conference room on Tues, Aug 25, 2009.  I sat at a table with Alex Jones of Plurk and Refresh, Ekaterina of and watched a panel with Elise @elisewho Hu.   Statesman social media editor Rob Quigley (Twitter handle: @RobQuig) led a panel discussion on how local mainstream media professionals and organizations are making the transition to social media.

Since I flipped it, you might as well see the video of the whole thing (the audio gets clear for the last 50 minutes, the first 10 minutes are full of the buzz that you would expect from a roomful of 40-50 social media and network types).

Watch – Austin Statesman Social Media Breakfast in News |  View More Free Videos Online at

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