TourofTexas Rotating Header Image – Movies – News -Matt Damon to play Lance? – Movies – If he has his way, all-American boy Matt Damon will portray all-American hero Lance Armstrong on the big screen. “I really just loved his first book, ‘It’s Not About the Bike.’ And the story was so incredible,” the actor insisted. “Everybody knows about him winning and winning and winning these Tour de Frances, which is incredible to have done what he’s done, but the story of what he really went through, the in-depth story, I just thought was kind of amazing.” Armstrong and Damon have been friends for several years, and the biker has expressed a desire to see Damon pedaling away in a yellow jersey. “We’ve been talking about it,” Damon confirmed, “but there’s nothing [yet]; it would need a great script and a great director — it would need a lot. I would only do it if it could be great. … [Armstrong’s] feeling is there’s no real reason to make his story, necessarily, unless it can be great. … He’s already made his story, you know what I mean? So if we can prove to him that there was a great movie in there, then I bet he’d do it.”

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