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Podcasts from the TourWatch 2005 Tour de France viewing party at Central Market

The TourWatch 2005 podcasts are now ready to roll. In the last few days I’ve done several podcast interviews with Dawn and Drew (the nations top podcasters), Bazzman and Hutch (Australia’s Dawn and Drew, just kidding, these guys are funny, insightful cycling and TDF commentators), and some great local Austin cyclists and Tour de France enthusiasts that I’ve met at Central Market. Velogal, our correspondent at the Tour.

I’ll also post the Cycling Insight guys recording of our interview because I suspect it will be of better quality than the one I did on the skype session.

Marlene Merritt, cyclist, at Central Market (cycling from Atlanta to Portland Maine)
Marlene Merritt video podcast interview
Bazzman and Hutch of Cycling Insight
Gabriel, Austin’s biggest TDF Fan
Dawn and Drew talking about the Tour de France
Velogal talks about the Tour de France
Ted Arnold part 1 – TDF Tour Guide
Ted Arnold part 2
Ted Arnold part 3
Lance Armstrong Question and Answer from May 19 2005 – Windows Media Video Podcast

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