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Tour de France stage 15 podcast

Tour of Texas TourWatch 2005 Monster Podcast of Stage 15 at the Tour de France on July 17, 2005

 Sunday was the biggest stage in the Pyrenees, a great day for Lance and an awesome day for George Hincapie who won the first stage ever by a member of Lance’s teams over all these years.  Hincapie has been Lance’s most faithful lieutenant throughout the years. In his podcast, Paul Terry Walhus watches and talks about the stage for over an hour and breaks down the riders, the coming stages and has some potent quotes on this years Tour de France.

It was a huge day at Austin, Texas Central Market, where it was standing room only and the crowd went wild with Lance’s performance and the Hincapie win.

One of the most touching moments at the TourWatch event was watching Spencer Sartin, a 7 year old kid in cancer treatment, work the crowd. His dad, Rob Sartin, loaded him up with Ride for the Roses flyers and yellow wristbands and Spencer went to nearly every single table and gave them away. And this coming only 12 hours after his last chemo treament.

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