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TourWatch2005 Press Release

Press Release Friday 6/24/2005 for immediate release
Austin’s TourWatch 2005, the USA’s largest Tour de France viewing party,
provides daily podcasts and video feeds at

TourWatch 2005, a television viewing party for the Tour de France, will be held in Austin, Texas at Central Market from July 2 though July 24. Central Market is at 4001 N Lamar in Austin, Texas.  The event website is

The Friday June 24 issue of Austin’s major metropolitan newspaper has an article called Central Market to be Lance Central.  The Austin Statesman site is doing a comprehensive Tour coverage section.

lance073.jpgThe Austin Podcasting Network TourWatch 2005 is being produced by the Tour of Texas  The event sponsored by Grande CommunicationsCircuit City, Trek Sports Drink, 24 Hour Lance Armstrong Fitness Center, Central Market, the Spring, and the Tour of Texas (coming in the Fall, a bicycle adventure excursion around Central Texas).   

The TourWatch 2005 will  be showing the Tour de France on two 61″ large screen, high definition televisions compliments of Circuit City. The TourWatch 2005 crew of podcasters, radio announcers and telecasters will bring your their own commentary and spin on the Tour which will be broadcast at the event and podcast over the Internet. 

The Discovery Channel is sending a 3 person crew to produce a documentary on the TourWatch 2005 Event and on Austin’s support of Lance in the Tour.  Austin’s KEYE TV 42 will be doing a special newscast to be called “Austin Prepares for the Tour” on June 23. Newsweek will be featuring a piece on Austin’s TourWatch 2005 in the June 26 issue.

lance207.jpgTourWatch 2005 will feature a daily podcast and radio and tv show spots with many local celebrities from the sports, fitness, radio, tv, blogging, podcasting and entertainment communities. 

Representatives of the local bicycling, swimming, running, triathlon and fitness communities are going to have tables at the event where they will give out information on upcoming events (eg. marathons, bike races, etc).

The podcasters will be interviewing local Austinites who are following the race and will be doing interviews with Tour enthusiasts around the world via phone and skype.  The interviews will be carried over the PA System at the event and syndicated over the Internet in the form of podcasts which Tour followers will be able to subscribe to.

If you want to be a podcast star, come by our podcast table at the event, and we’ll set you up behind a microphone and help you create your own podcast.  Or we’ll interview you if you are a Lance fan or Tour de France enthusiast. We’ll be doing video interviews for television and video podcasts in high definition tv.  So if you want to be a tv star, come by our booth and record an interview or do your own little show. Sponsorships are available for this event, call 512-699-4000 for details. 

Contact: Paul Terry Walhus 512.699.4000 or Stephen Dulaney 512.785.4701
email: website      

Tour de France Showings at Central Market, Austin, TX
July 2 – 24

Ongoing Coverage

Pre-race 7:30 – 8 am
Live 8 – 10:30 am
Re-air 11 – 1 pm
Re-air 1:30 – 3:30 pm
Re-air 4 – 6 pm

Pre-Race Show
7 – 7:30 pm

Primetime Coverage
7:30 – 10 pm
11 – 1:30 am


All times Central Standard Time

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