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Chip Brown – ESPNAustin sportscaster talks Tour

Chip Brown brings his terrific insight in to the Tour in a phone podcast from Central Market, Austin, Texas on Bastille Day, July 14, 2005 as Lance maintains his lead but suffers a big setback in today’s stage.

Listen now:

Lance Armstrong lost a key teammate today when Spanish rider Manuel Beltran crashed during the 12th stage of the Tour de France.

Beltran fell on the Col des Demoiselles (dehm-wah-ZEHLZ’) Coiffees (kwah-FEEZ’) climb early in the 116-mile route. He got back on his bike but quit after receiving treatment from a Tour doctor.

Beltran may have sustained a concussion and was taken to the hospital for further tests.

The 34-year-old Beltran is a specialist mountain climber and will be missed by Armstrong when the race heads into the Pyrenees on Saturday. He has been part of Armstrong’s Tour-winning team since 2003.

 Armstrong continued to wear the yellow jersey by 38 seconds over Mickael Rasmussen, a Dane with Rabobank, and 2:34 over Christophe Moreau, a Frenchman with Crédit Agricole.

Chip Brown talks about what a threat the relatively unknown Rasmussen could be to Armstrong.  Rasmussen could be called the 9th Discovery team member, the way he is clinging to the Discovery team.

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